Unplanned hypnobirth and induction: Katy

Updated: May 2, 2020

I was convinced my little boy was going to be early as all my siblings and I came at 36 weeks. I was uncomfortable and done with pregnancy and convinced he was going to make an appearance soon. This was not to be the case and with numerous back and forth to the midwife I made the decision to be booked for an induction at 41+5 weeks.

I never did any formal hypnobirthing courses, partly due to my work schedule and also what was available in my area. I also thought that being told by my partner to just breathe would intensely annoy me during birth. I did however, read up on a few on the relaxation techniques just in case but thought that being in water and using gas and air would suffice.

I didn’t end up having the natural water birth I wanted, but still enjoyed my labour experience. Induction always seems to come with negative tales, but I chose not to read or listen to them and wanted my experience to be my own. There was a lot of waiting around involved but about 12 hours after being given the pessary I felt my contractions getting stronger.

It was really busy on the wards that day and they hadn’t wanted to progress my labour any quicker, to make sure there was enough space for all the women on the ward. Throughout all of this I was still convinced I would be allowed to have my water birth and kept saying as much to the midwives. However, they obviously knew more about what was coming and a couple of hours after they broke my waters (weirdest experience ever!) my contractions went up a notch. Due to the induction process I was not getting a break between them. I asked for gas and air which promptly made me vomit and I realised I was going to need an epidural . That was fine apart from the anesthetist was in surgery and was not going to be free for a couple of hours.

At this point I think everything I read about hypnobirthing just naturally entered my brain and I somehow managed to zone myself out for those few hours before the epidural. I was so in the zone I have very little recollection of what was going on and I do believe hypnobirthing got me through those couple of hours waiting for my epidural!

After the epidural things seemed to speed back up and a few hours later my little guy was born!

I think it is so important for woman to keep an open mind about all birthing techniques even if they think it won’t work for them as you truly have no idea how your labour will progress and how your body will react. The more ‘coping’ techniques you have the more relaxing your labour will be when things potentially don’t go to plan!

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