Hypnobirthing Testimonials

Oxford mum: Hypnobirthing classes really helped us to stay much calmer through pregnancy and birth, and to feel more informed and confident. It was wonderful to hear such a positive and empowering perspective on birth. It was beneficial not only to me but also to my husband as he knew exactly what to do to support me as my birth partner. It was particularly useful in early labour as my surges were only about 1 minute apart from the beginning, but the hypnobirthing breathing and visualizations allowed me to keep my energy up and my focus positive. Even though the birth did not go at all as we had planned as our baby was showing signs of distress during labour, the techniques we had learned allowed us to take it in our stride and appreciate the amazing experience of bringing our daughter safely info the world. Janine: I loved hypnobirthing, it changed me from dreading birth to actually looking forward to it! My husband told everyone how good it was and that he actually felt so much more involved and able to help me so he wasn’t just sat around on his phone clueless (what we initially thought he would be doing during my labour!). It def helped me get to 8cm with only a tens machine because I stayed calm and didn't panic. Then gas and air was all I needed for the rest. I feel hypnobirthing is the reason I had such a great birth. Only 5hrs 15 too!

Chloe: I really enjoyed it hypnobirthing . I used it during my pregnancy to prepare mentally &used the breathing exercises at the early stages of labour. It really helped my husband too, so he knew he had a purpose in the whole event. Sarah: I found the benefit from hypnobirthing in my pregnancy. It made me feel very calm and in control, and in tune with my body. Claire: For my first baby I learnt some breathing techniques online and even though I was induced and ended up giving birth to a baby with shoulder dystosia this meant that I was calm throughout and managed to get by with just gas and air even when I was being repaired for a tear. Second time around I used hypnobirthing and I just read the book and listened to the audio files. I was induced again and it really helped. I just completely zoned out and all of the midwives were very impressed at how well I was able to cope with induction because of it. I’d definitely recommend it - even if you’re induced and don’t have the birth you planned it will make such a difference.

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