About Us


We are two mums from Oxfordshire who are passionate about empowering expectant couples and improving birth experiences. We met in a sunny pub garden, drawn together by our babies and dogs and we soon realised our mutual desire to help more women and couples to have better pregnancy and birth experiences.


Ever since I was a child I have had a fascination in birth and a love for babies. I always knew I wanted to have a career involving children, so after completing my psychology degree at Warwick University I decided to become a nanny and maternity nurse. Whilst in this role I saw the different types of pregnancies and births and caming to a quick conclusion that when I became pregnant I would use HypnoBirthing. 

I gave birth to my daughter in March 2019 using HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method. This cemented my belief in how amazing HypnoBirthing could be. Giving birth to my daughter was the best day of my life and I strongly believe I wouldn't have had the same experience without HypnoBirthing. I felt calm, in control and confident throughout my pregnancy and looked forward to the birth of my daughter.  You can read my birth story in more detail here.

After giving birth to my daughter, and seeing how many friends did not have positive and enjoyable birth experiences, I felt so strongly about wanting to share the joys HypnoBirthing can bring to other mums to be. Therefore I trained to become certified with the HypnoBirthing institute to teach the Mongan method. 

I hope I can help to create positivity and happiness surrounding pregnancy and birth and help women welcome their babies with love and excitement. x


As a qualified litigation lawyer I am used to spending hours meticulously focused on drafting a document. When I fell pregnant I used my focus to read everything I could get my hands on about birth and listen to hours of podcasts. Growing up I always joked that I would save up and book in for an elective c-section, where they bring you, your baby and a glass of champagne. Yet I loved learning the science behind birth and the hormones, knowing how the body is well designed for women to give birth eased my worries. I also discovered holistic therapies, like acupuncture, which had a huge impact on my mood and well-being throughout pregnancy.

I had my daughter at home in April 2019.  I never expected to be happy to go into labour, let alone choose a home birth, but as contractions started at 5am on my daughter’s due date I was excited. Using the breathing techniques I actually enjoyed early labour. The last few hours were intense, yet it was still an incredibly positive experience. I also loved how, through HypnoBirthing classes, my husband felt prepared to be my birth partner and was not a bystander. You can read my birth story in more detail here.

I have seen time and again the impact HypnoBirthing has on women's labours, whatever turns they take and have had a burning desire to share the information and skills to help other couples to be empowered to bring their babies into the world without fear. As a trained HypnoBirthing teacher through the Mongan Method I am delighted to be able do so. x